About MIrROR database release

MIrROR's database is constructed with 16S-23S rRNA operon sequences extracted from genomes in NCBI GenBank. To provide reliable taxonomy information, taxonomy re-assignment was performed for each genome using GTDB-Tk. The database will be updated to reflect the rapidly increasing genome information and the new release of GTDB.

See MIrROR github repository for analysis tools

Released history

MIrROR release NCBI GenBank GTDB File Change log
8th Jan, 2020 GTDB R89 MIrROR_DB_r01.fa
MIrROR database released (21st Jan, 2021)
  • 459,136 genomes were used for curation
  • 97,781 rRNA operon sequences covering 9489 species from 43,653 genomes
  • Primer information: 16S-27F, 23S-2241R