Sample - SAMD00260424

Feces from healthy horse L

Project PRJDB10841
Submission JRA
Microbiology division, Equine Research Institute

Experiments 3

Experiment Accession Experiment Name
DRX267130 MinION sequencing of SAMD00260424
DRX267127 MinION sequencing of SAMD00260424
DRX248541 MinION sequencing of SAMD00260424


Tag Value
INSDC last update 2019-09-03T13:11:21Z
environment (biome) host organism
collection date 2017-04-10
common name human
geographic location (country and/or sea) Netherlands
ENA last update 2019-09-03
title Human gut microbiota transference after FMT
investigation type metagenome
environment (feature) microbial feature
Sample Name Run1
geographic location (latitude) 52.295041
ENA first public 2020-09-15
External Id SAMEA5930472
human gut environmental package human-gut
INSDC status public
sequencing method ONT MinION
INSDC center name Nutrition & Health
SRA accession ERS3718954
host subject id Mix1-06-33-42-D1
INSDC center alias Nutrition & Health
project name Species engraftment after a faecal microbiota transplantation in humans
environment (material) anthropogenic environmental material
geographic location (longitude) 4.957657
Submitter Id Run1
target gene 16S,ITS,23S
INSDC first public 2020-09-15T08:06:01Z