Sample - SAMEA5930474

This is a pool of samples containing the rrn amplicons derived from PRE-FMT and POST-FMT timepoints of subjects 14, 32, 25 and 41 as well as DONOR2 and DONOR6.

Project PRJEB33947
Submission Nutrition & Health
European Nucleotide Archive

Experiments 1

Experiment Accession Experiment Name
ERX3526052 MinION sequencing


Tag Value
host_diet human milk
days_since_antibiotic_exposure 0
collection_date 2018-04-08
env_local_scale stool
env_medium stool
concurrent_antibiotics yes
host Homo sapiens
individual infant 961
history_of_necrotizing_enterocolitis no
geo_loc_name USA: Connecticut
env_broad_scale human stool
lat_lon 41.763710 N 72.685097 W
BioSampleModel MIMARKS.survey